Paris, France

University of Paris-Sud

Université Paris-Sud

University type: university
University status: public


téléphone: 169156750

ChemistryStudies in French
Computer SciencesStudies in French
Earth SciencesStudies in French
LawStudies in French
Life SciencesStudies in French
ManagementStudies in French
MathematicsStudies in French
PhysicsStudies in French
Aménagement paysager: conception, gestion, entretienStudies in French
Assurance, banque, finance: chargé de clientèleStudies in French
Bio-industries et biotechnologiesStudies in French
Chimie analytique, contrôle, qualité, environnementStudies in French
Chimie de synthèseStudies in French
Commerce et distributionStudies in French
Economie et gestionStudies in French
Gestion finance managementStudies in French
Industries pharmaceutiques, cosmétologiques et de santé: gestion, production et valorisationStudies in French
Intervention sociale: développement social et médiation par le sportStudies in French
Maintenance et technologie: électronique, instrumentationStudies in French
Management et gestion des organisationsStudies in French
Métiers de l'aménagement du territoire et de l'urbanismeStudies in French
Métiers de l'électronique: communication, systèmes embarquésStudies in French
Métiers de l'industrie: conception de produits industrielsStudies in French
Métiers de l'industrie: gestion de la production industrielleStudies in French
Métiers de l'industrie: mécatronique, robotiqueStudies in French
Métiers de l'informatique: administration et sécurité des systèmes et des réseauxStudies in French
Métiers de l'instrumentation, de la mesure et du contrôle qualitéStudies in French
Métiers de la formeStudies in French
Métiers de la gestion des ressources humaines: assistantStudies in French
Métiers de la gestion et de la comptabilité: contrôle de gestionStudies in French
Métiers de la protection et de la gestion de l'environnementStudies in French
Métiers des réseaux informatiques et télécommunicationsStudies in French
Métiers du commerce internationalStudies in French
Optique professionnelleStudies in French
Organisation et gestion des établissements hôteliers et de restaurationStudies in French
Qualité, hygiène, sécurité, santé, environnementStudies in French
Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et SportivesStudies in French
Sciences et technologiesStudies in French
Systèmes automatisés, réseaux et informatique industrielleStudies in French
Technico-commercialStudies in French

Computer SciencesStudies in French
ElectronicsStudies in French
EthicsStudies in French
MaterialsStudies in French
MathematicsStudies in French
Private LawStudies in French
Biologie et BiotechnologiesStudies in French
Comptabilité - contrôle - auditStudies in French
Droit notarialStudies in French
Information, Systèmes et TechnologieStudies in French
Ingénierie de la santéStudies in French
Métiers de l'enseignement, de l'éducation et de la formation - premier degréStudies in French
Métiers de l'enseignement, de l'éducation et de la formation - second degréStudies in French
OptroniqueStudies in French
Physico-chimie moléculaireStudies in French
Physique FondamentaleStudies in French
STAPS: management du sportStudies in French

As a prestigious and multidisciplinary university with a strong science and health science component, Paris-Sud enjoys an outstanding international reputation thanks to the exceptional quality of its research, the appeal of its programs of study, its fulfilling student life, its multiple partnerships, and the knowledge and skills of its staff.


In 40 years, Paris-Sud University has become a major player on the French higher education and research scene. Significant assets for the University’s development were the number and variety of its program offerings, the excellence of its research, the development of employability skills, a fulfilling student life, and its collaboration with prestigious neighbouring higher education institutions and the business community. Consolidating its position in a changing university landscape in Île-de-France, and setting up new partnerships without losing its identity are the challenges presently facing Paris-Sud University.

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