Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas College

Kauno Kolegija

University type: school of higher vocational education
University status: public


Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences
Pramones pr. 20, LT-50468 Kaunas
Tel: +370 37 352324

Automatic EngineeringStudies in English
Baltic StudiesStudies in English
Computer Networks AdministrationStudies in English
InfotronicsStudies in English
International Business EconomicsStudies in English
Multimedia TechnologyStudies in English
NursingStudies in English
Tourism and Hotel ManagementStudies in English
Agroverslų technologijosStudies in Lithuanian
AkušerijaStudies in Lithuanian
Anglų ir kitos užsienio kalbos pedagogikaStudies in Lithuanian
Anglų kalba ryšiams su visuomeneStudies in Lithuanian
Aprangos dizainasStudies in Lithuanian
Automatinis valdymasStudies in Lithuanian
Baldų ir medienos dirbinių gamybaStudies in Lithuanian
Bendrosios praktikos slaugaStudies in Lithuanian
Biomedicinos diagnostikaStudies in Lithuanian
Buhalterinė apskaitaStudies in Lithuanian
Burnos higienaStudies in Lithuanian
Dailės kūrinių restauravimas ir konservavimasStudies in Lithuanian
Dailės pedagogikaStudies in Lithuanian
Dantų technologijaStudies in Lithuanian
Dekoratyvinė plastikaStudies in Lithuanian
DizainasStudies in Lithuanian
ErgoterapijaStudies in Lithuanian
FarmakotechnikaStudies in Lithuanian
FinansaiStudies in Lithuanian
FotografijaStudies in Lithuanian
GeodezijaStudies in Lithuanian
Ikimokyklinis ugdymasStudies in Lithuanian
InfotronikaStudies in Lithuanian
Interjero ir baldų projektavimasStudies in Lithuanian
Įstaigų ir įmonių administravimasStudies in Lithuanian
Įvaizdžio dizainasStudies in Lithuanian
KineziterapijaStudies in Lithuanian
Kompiuterinių tinklų administravimasStudies in Lithuanian
KosmetologijaStudies in Lithuanian
Kultūrinės veiklos organizavimasStudies in Lithuanian
Leidybos ir spaudos technologijosStudies in Lithuanian
Maisto pramonės verslo vadybaStudies in Lithuanian
Maisto saugaStudies in Lithuanian
Maisto technologijaStudies in Lithuanian
Multimedijos technologijaStudies in Lithuanian
Nekilnojamojo turto matavimų inžinerijaStudies in Lithuanian
Odontologinė priežiūraStudies in Lithuanian
Pardavimų vadybaStudies in Lithuanian
RadiologijaStudies in Lithuanian
Socialinė pedagogikaStudies in Lithuanian
Socialinis darbasStudies in Lithuanian
Sporto vadybaStudies in Lithuanian
TeisėStudies in Lithuanian
Turizmo ir viešbučių vadybaStudies in Lithuanian
Verslo anglų kalbaStudies in Lithuanian
Verslo vadybaStudies in Lithuanian
Viešasis maitinimasStudies in Lithuanian
Želdinamų teritorijų inžinerijaStudies in Lithuanian
Želdiniai ir jų dizainasStudies in Lithuanian

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Fakultetas Technologijų ir Kraštovaizdžio
Fakultetas Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas
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Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences was established on 1 September 2000 after the binary higher education system consisting of two types of higher education provided by colleges and universities was introduced in Lithuania.

In 2005 a group of experts appointed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania assessed the achievements and progress of the institution following the evaluation procedure established by the law and gave excellent evaluation scores. After the accreditation Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences was granted the right to award Professional Bachelor's Diploma and Diploma Supplement complying with European Higher Education requirements.

Today Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest colleges in Lithuania, with a community about 73 000 students and about 1000 employees (data of October, 2013).

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