Mogilev, Belarus

Belarusian-Russian University

Белорусско-Российский университет

University type: universities
University status: public


43 Prospect Mira
212005, Mogilev
Republic of Belarus
Tel.: (+375 222) 23 61 00

Automated Electric DriveStudies in Belarusian
Automobile MaintenanceStudies in Belarusian
AutomobilesStudies in Belarusian
Building, Road-building and Hoisting Machines and EquipmentStudies in Belarusian
Commercial activitiesStudies in Belarusian
Construction Elements, Buildings and StructuresStudies in Belarusian
Descriptive GeometryStudies in Belarusian
Economic InformaticsStudies in Belarusian
EconomicsStudies in Belarusian
Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial PlantsStudies in Belarusian
Electronics and Electronical EngineeringStudies in Belarusian
Equipment and Technology of Welding ProductionStudies in Belarusian
Finance and AccountingStudies in Belarusian
Fundamentals of Machine DesignStudies in Belarusian
HighwaysStudies in Belarusian
Industrial and Civil EngineeringStudies in Belarusian
Life SafetyStudies in Belarusian
Marketing and ManagementStudies in Belarusian
MathematicsStudies in Belarusian
Metal TechnologyStudies in Belarusian
Metal-Cutting MachinesStudies in Belarusian
Physical Methods of ControlStudies in Belarusian
PhysicsStudies in Belarusian
Strength of MaterialsStudies in Belarusian
Technology of Machine EngineeringStudies in Belarusian
Theoretical MechanicsStudies in Belarusian
Automobile MaintenanceStudies in Russian
AutomobilesStudies in Russian
Building, Road-building and Hoisting Machines and EquipmentStudies in Russian
Fundamentals of Machine DesignStudies in Russian
Technology of Machine EngineeringStudies in Russian
 The Belarusian-Russian University is the largest regional scientific and technical center. In 2009 the University was issued two International Quality Certificates: that of the Certification Association «Russian Register» and the other one of IQNet – the International Certification Network. The issuance of these certificates is evidence of the fact that 34 countries of the world have acknowledged the Belarusian-Russian University having effective organizational and managerial structure. 
      Problem research laboratories and research-production centers successfully function at the University. 
      The Belarusian - Russian University has 6 faculties for full-time tuition, namely the automotive; mechanical engineering; construction; electrical engineering; economics; economics and engineering faculties. It has the correspondence faculty and the faculty of pre-university training. The University also comprises the College of Architecture and Construction, Lyceum, Professional Development and Retraining Institute. 
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