Tirana, Albania

University of Tirana

Universiteti i Tiranës

University type: universities
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Sheshi "Nënë Tereza" Tirana, Albania Kutia Postare Nr 183 Tel: +  355 4 222840

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Psychology Studies in Albanian
Drejtësisë Studies in Albanian
Filozofi Studies in Albanian
Letërsi botërore Studies in Albanian
Mjekësisë Studies in Albanian
Pedagogji Studies in Albanian
Punë Sociale Studies in Albanian
Shkenca gjuhësore Studies in Albanian
Sociologji Studies in Albanian
Our University is an institution with tradition. Its foundation dates back to 1957 but it is worth mentioning that the first stones in the foundation of the University of Tirana have decided to establish the first educational institutions since 1946. Since then, several decades have passed and with them generations of professors, scientists, workers and students.And success of the University of Tirana was given them exactly.Therefore, thousands of young students who know the tradition and professors who work with them, and walk in their footsteps, constantly trying to be everywhere and at all times the best.

Our university, like any other educational institution, provides the community with a valuable service. Improved quality of service and, in particular, the improvement of the teaching and research, achieved through constant communication and productive relationships with students.Therefore he is the promoter of elite student, which helps with the most varied forms, promoting the smooth functioning of student representatives, students, as one of the key stakeholders in higher education to be part of the process decision.
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