Vlora, Albania

University "Pavaresia" Vlore

Universiteti "Pavaresia" Vlore

University type: universities
University status: non-public


Bulevardi Vlorë-Skele
PO. Box 4358 Posta Vlorë
AL-9401 Vlorë Albania

Tel: +355 33 4 11 555

University "Pavaresia" aims to be a place where all students who are looking for a quality education while gaining intellectual, cultural, and local values.

This University is made up of two Colleges: The College of Economy and Social Sciences and the College of Applied Sciences. It not only offers a rich variety of titles and diplomas but it also guarantees the future development of its students by putting them in the right path after they have graduated.

Our university not only aims at strengthening teaching methods but also focused in being involved in research at the European level. It acts as a research center, which fulfills all international standards of research.

We are not only a university which strives to enrich its bright and promising students and set them on the right path for the future, but we are a university that aims at constantly supporting our brilliant staff through research projects and agreements with international partners. These partners will help us to develop further and to continue to progress in our region.

With the best wishes for a successful journey together, we welcome you.


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