Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

Univerzitet Sarajevska škola za nauku i tehnologiju

University type: technical
University status: non-public


Hrasnička cesta 3a
Sarajevo, 71 000
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reception: +387 33 975 004

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Computer Science Studies in Bosnian
Economics Studies in Bosnian
Engineering Sciences Studies in Bosnian
Information Systems Studies in Bosnian
Political Science and International Relations Studies in Bosnian

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Informacioni sistemi
InĹžinjerske nauke
Kompjuterske nauke
Moderni jezici
Političke nauke i međunarodni odnosi
Sarajevska filmska akademija
Studij medicine
The Sarajevo School of Science and Technology was opened in October 2004 in Sarajevo as the first private University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dedicated to providing high quality, internationally competitive education and up-to-date programs, SSST established collaboration with the University of Buckingham (United Kingdom), and is today the only private University in BiH offering its graduates a dual degree. Further, this collaboration makes SSST subject to meeting not only national but also University of Buckingham's and UK's academic guidelines and standards of teaching. Through this collaboration, SSST is the only University in the region of South-Eastern Europe monitored by the UK's Quality Assurance Agency, ensuring both transparency and the highest standards in teaching and examinations procedure.
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