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Hellenic Naval Academy

Σχολή Ναυτικών Δοκίμων

University type: military
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Hellenic Army Academy
16673, Vari
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We welcome you to the site of the Academy. We consider our contact with the public particularly important. For this reason, through our presence in the Internet we provide information about the mission, organization, history, education, activities, and in general, about the life of Cadets in the Academy. So we are prepared to respond to any remarks you may have.

The Hellenic Army Academy is the oldest Institution of Higher Education in modern Greece, founded by Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias in 1828, before the official recognition of the Greek State as an international entity in 1830. During that period, by providing officers-engineers, the School fully covered the needs of the new State concerning the organization of a Regular Army and the making of every sort of infrastructures.

Ever since, the Academy has been the cradle to mould the Hellenic Army Officers on the whole. In the conscience of Greek citizens, military and civilian, this School has been the trade mark of military quality. The creation of such a feeling among the whole of the Greek people can be fully justified by the multiform offer of the Academy to the Nation for 180 years, an offer as much in the battle fields during national struggles, as to the Greek society in times of peace.

The vision of the Command of the Hellenic Army Academy was created on the basis of the vision of the Hellenic Army General Staff and in accordance with the regulations of the Chief in office, which are as follows:

"The Academy aims at providing the Army with hard-trained officers of a high morale and a deep knowledge of Military Science and Tactics; officers capable of taking the right decisions under pressure and of taking the responsibility to materialize them; they should also be able to develop themselves bodily, psychologically and morally, even after their graduation from the School to the benefit of the Army, their men, and themselves".

So today, the Academy educates and trains the future officers, permanent Army staff, by providing Cadets with serious academic and military education, hard physical training so as to improve their physical and mental condition, and mainly, within the proper environment securing the cultivation and development of exceptional personalities, capable of becoming responsible leaders.
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