Ohrid, Macedonia

University for Information Science and Technology

University type: technical
University status: public


Building at ARM
Partizanska bb
6000 Ohrid
Republic of Macedonia
phone +389 46 55 000 1; +389 46 55 000 2

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Faculty of Applied IT, Machine Intelligence and Robotics
Faculty of Communication Networks and Security
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences
Faculty of Information Systems, Visualization, Multimedia and Animation
UIST "St. Paul the Apostle" is a State University legally established by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia in 2008, with subsequent legal amendments in 2009 and 2010. This bold and visionary initiative of the Macedonian government combines the best research and teaching practices current in the USA, Europe, and locally, while complying at the same time with the Bologna European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The university is located in the beautiful and ancient city of Ohrid, place to one of the first universities in Europe that St. Clement (Sv. Kliment Ohridski) built here in the 9th century. UIST recruits academics from all over the world, with staff coming from the USA, Great Britain, Iran, Israel, Albania, Italy and Ukraine. To further promote an International competitiveness in our prized students, the University has adopted English language as the medium of instruction. The objective of the establishing of the University of Information Science and Technologies "St. Paul the Apostle" Ohrid is profiling highly educated cadres which will meet the demand on the labor market for creative and inventive engineers and scientists in the field of information science and technology.
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