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Megatrend University

Megatrend Univerzitet

University type: universities
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Goce Delceva 8, 11070 Novi Beograd
phone 011/220-30-29

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Факултет за биофарминг - Бачка Топола
Факултет за државну управу и администрацију
Факултет за компјутерске науке
Факултет за културу и медије студијски програм менаџмент у култури и медијима
Факултет за културу и медије студијски програм новинарство
Факултет за културу и медије студијски програм односи с јавношћу
Факултет за међународну економију
Факултет за менаџмент - Зајечар
Факултет за пословне студије
Факултет за пословне студије - Пожаревац
Факултет за пословну економију - Ваљево
International Expert Consortium Limited, London, is a consulting and educational institution, founded in 1980 and it was a basis for the development of Megatrend educational group in Serbia. The first institution in this system was "Megatrend" College of Business Studies, established in 1989. This school soon became the founder of other institutions within the academic community. The faculties and schools founded after it were primarily turned to applied economics and management. Then followed the faculties in other scientific and artistic fields. Megatrend University has been setting the highest standards of education in the region for 24 years and the center of it are students.

Today, Megatrend University consists of 11 faculties, 2 colleges, Megatrend Virtual University, Institute for New Technologies and TV Metropolis. Students are offered education in 8 campuses in 6 Serbian cities (Belgrade, Zajecar, Backa Topola, Pozarevac, Valjevo, Vrsac). After 24 years of continuous work in the field of higher education, our university has tens of thousands of active students and graduates, on all the levels of academic and scientific degrees.
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