Vojvodina, Serbia

Edukons University

Univerzitet Edukons

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Univerzitet EDUCONS
Vojvode Putnika 87
21208 Sremska Kamenica
021 4893 610

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LIKOVNE UMETNOSTI Studies in Croatian
Turizam Studies in Croatian

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Akademija klasičnog slikarstva
Fakultet ekološke poljoprivrede
Fakultet poslovne ekonomije
Fakultet za digitalnu produkciju
Fakultet za evropske pravno-političke studije
Fakultet za primenjenu bezbednost
Fakultet za sport i turizam - TIMS
Fakultet za uslužni biznis
Fakultet zaštite životne sredine
The mission of our University is to provide a functional synthesis of the innovative and traditional education ensuring the acquirement of functional knowledge and degrees for a new era which is characterized by the global and multidisciplinary approach to social processes. In that respect EDUCONS educates future leaders who will run their own businesses and successfully manage the changes.
The University bases its vision of the future on the premise that the societies in the region of the South-eastern and Eastern Europe are undergoing the process of changes, reforms and transition towards a civil democratic society characterized by parliamentary pluralism, a state of law, a state of legislation and market economy with the predominance of private ownership. No doubt that in the new era the fresh deeply rooted knowledge is a must which, above all, means a step forward towards a new view of the world and a different approach to the economy, environmental protection, information dissemination and knowledge acquirement.
We hope that you will put your trust in our University in these times which are marked by the global, multidisciplinary approach to studying economic and social processes. We will develop the students` creativity and independence at work, capability of innovative thinking, a new approach to problems, capabilities of integration and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and research spirit.
Knowledge is power. Education enables you to choose a job, ignorance chooses a job for you!
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