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Casamassima, Italy

Free Mediterranean University

Università LUM Jean Monnet

University type: university
University status: non-public


Strada Statale 100, KM 18
70010 Casamassima
+39 080 697 8213

Economia ed organizzazione aziendaleStudies in Italian

Economics and ManagementStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian
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Mobility abroad can help young people in vocational education and training to gain the skills needed for today's competitive employment market.
Adapting to work in a foreign environment is a skill in itself A person who works for a time in Spain, Romania and Sweden, for example, has learnt to adapt to different cultural patterns and knows how to work best and to cooperate with people there. These are very valuable skills.
Someone working in a Latin country such as Italy, for example, would get used to managing flexibility, so when someone says '5 minutes’, they know that this may not be the same as 5 minutes would be to a German.
Depletion and the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels are the main drivers behind the quest for renewable energy technologies. EU-funded scientists studied the potential of newly developed prototype devices to exploit geophysical flows.