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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Business School

Budapesti Gazdasági Főiskola (BGF)

University type: economics
University status: non-public


1149 Budapest, Buzogány street 11-13.
Tel. (+36) 1 383 4799

Handel und MarketingStudies in German
Tourismus-GastronomieStudies in German
Commerce and MarketingStudies in English
Finance and AccountingStudies in English
International Business EconomicsStudies in English
Tourism and CateringStudies in English
Diplôme d'économiste et de gestionnaire (BA)Studies in French
AndragógiaStudies in Hungarian
Emberi erőforrásokStudies in Hungarian
Gazdálkodási és menedzsmentStudies in Hungarian
GazdaságinformatikusStudies in Hungarian
Kommunikáció és médiatudományStudies in Hungarian
KözszolgálatiStudies in Hungarian
Nemzetközi tanulmányokStudies in Hungarian
Pénzügy és számvitelStudies in Hungarian
Üzleti szakoktatóStudies in Hungarian

International BusinessStudies in English
International RelationsStudies in English
Tourism-ManagementStudies in English
AccountingStudies in Hungarian
Theory of MarketingStudies in Hungarian
PénzügyStudies in Hungarian

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International Business in English - College of International Management and Business Studies in English
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Mobility abroad can help young people in vocational education and training to gain the skills needed for today's competitive employment market.
Adapting to work in a foreign environment is a skill in itself A person who works for a time in Spain, Romania and Sweden, for example, has learnt to adapt to different cultural patterns and knows how to work best and to cooperate with people there. These are very valuable skills.
Someone working in a Latin country such as Italy, for example, would get used to managing flexibility, so when someone says '5 minutes’, they know that this may not be the same as 5 minutes would be to a German.
An EU-funded initiative has translated scientific knowledge regarding expected climate change impacts into a decision support system for forest practitioners and policymakers.