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Constanta, Romania

Mircea the Old Naval Academy Constanta

Academia Navala Mircea cel Batran Constanta

University type: military
University status: public


Str. Fulgerului nr. 1 Constanta
Jud. Constanta Cod Postal: 900218 Centrala: Tel: +4 0241-626 200 Fax: +4 0241-643 069 E-mail:

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⏑ update in progressStudies in
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Erasmus+ is a unique programme which seeks to boost the job prospects and personal development of young people, as well as help our education, training and youth systems deliver teaching and learning that gives people the skills they need in today's labour market and society, as well as in the future.
Labour mobility is important as it helps to balance the job market. For example, areas of high growth may struggle with unfilled vacancies, while in other regions there may be persistently high unemployment Europeans keen and willing to move abroad to live and work - or even to commute across borders for their job - can help to redress this imbalance, while reaping all the benefits that being part of another culture can bring.
The EU is dedicated to reducing emissions associated with air transport. The objective applies equally to rotorcraft as to aeroplanes, so first-time measurements and models of helicopter flue gas emissions are of fundamental importance to the efforts.