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Ljubljana, Slovenia

College of Visual Arts, Ljubljana

Šola za risanje in slikanje

University type: art
University status: non-public


Ul. Jožeta Jame 12
1000 Ljubljana
tel: ++ 386 1 510-82-70

SlikarstvoStudies in Slovene

SlikarstvoStudies in Slovene
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Youth Exchanges help young people acquire important skills such as project management and teamwork. Such opportunities outside the school environment enable groups of young people to undertake a structured programme of activities (e.g. a mix of workshops, exercises, debates and role plays) in another country within or outside the EU for up to 21 days.
Besides EURES, the following European mobility networks may also be of interest: Your Europe, Your Europe Advice, SOLVIT, Directorate-General for Education and Culture, Europass, Euroguidance, Enterprise Europe Network, European small business portal.
Scientists investigating the impacts of climate change need to understand how multiple environmental stressors combine to affect individuals, populations and ecosystems. In marine ecosystems, stressors appear to have a significant effect on the larval stages of organisms.