Paris, France

Panthéon-Assas University

Université Panthéon-Assas

University type: university
University status: public

LawStudies in English
LawStudies in French
Political ScienceStudies in French
Public AdministrationStudies in French
Administration Economique et SocialeStudies in French
Assurance, banque, finance - chargé de clientèleStudies in French
Economie et gestionStudies in French
Information, communicationStudies in French
Management et gestion des organisationsStudies in French
Sécurité des biens et des personnesStudies in French
Systèmes d'information et réseaux, gestion et développementStudies in French

European LawStudies in English
Comparative LawStudies in French
Economic IntelligenceStudies in French
EconomicsStudies in French
Fiscal LawStudies in French
International LawStudies in French
LawStudies in French
Political ScienceStudies in French
Private LawStudies in French
Public LawStudies in French
Social LegislationStudies in French
Analyse et politique économiqueStudies in French
Banque-financeStudies in French
Droit bancaire et financierStudies in French
Droit de l'immobilierStudies in French
Droit de la propriété intellectuelleStudies in French
Droit des affairesStudies in French
Droit des collectivités territorialesStudies in French
Droit du patrimoineStudies in French
Droit et d'économie immobiliersStudies in French
Droit européenStudies in French
Droit notarialStudies in French
Droit pénal et sciences criminellesStudies in French
Économétrie, statistiquesStudies in French
Économie de l'entreprise et des marchésStudies in French
Économie du droitStudies in French
Economie et Management PublicsStudies in French
Entrepreneuriat et management de projetsStudies in French
Gestion de production, logistique, achatsStudies in French
Gestion des ressources humainesStudies in French
Information, communicationStudies in French
Juriste conseil d'entrepriseStudies in French
Juriste d'affairesStudies in French
Justice, procès et procéduresStudies in French
ManagementStudies in French
Management et commerce internationalStudies in French
Marketing, venteStudies in French
MBA droit des affaires et managementStudies in French
Monnaie, banque, finance, assuranceStudies in French

Doctoral studiesmore »
Private Law Studies in French
Droit international, droit européen, relations internationales et droit compare Studies in French
Droit public interne, science administrative et politique Studies in French
Économie, gestion, information et communication Studies in French
Histoire du droit, philosophie du droit et sociologie du droit Studies in French

MBAmore »
MBA Droit des affaires et management Studies in French

Short pg coursesmore »
Panthéon-Assas University advocates diversity and cultivates a true synergy between research, instruction, and application.

It offers a broad choice of courses both in initial and continuing education, coalescing study abroad and field work.
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