Galway, Ireland

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

University type: institutes of technology
University status: public

AccountingStudies in English
Accounting and Financial ManagementStudies in English
Administration and Information SystemsStudies in English
Agriculture & Environmental ManagementStudies in English
Agriculture and Environmental ManagementStudies in English
Applied Biology & Biopharmaceutical ScienceStudies in English
Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical ScienceStudies in English
Applied Freshwater & Marine BiologyStudies in English
Applied Freshwater and Marine BiologyStudies in English
Applied Social CareStudies in English
Applied Social StudiesStudies in English
Architectural TechnologyStudies in English
Art - Contemporary ArtStudies in English
Art & DesignStudies in English
Bar and Restaurant ManagementStudies in English
Bar SupervisionStudies in English
BusinessStudies in English
Business Computing and Digital MediaStudies in English
Business in AccountingStudies in English
Business Information SystemsStudies in English
Business with EntrepreneurshipStudies in English
Chemical & Pharmaceutical ScienceStudies in English
Chemical and Pharmaceutical ScienceStudies in English
Civil EngineeringStudies in English
Community Development & Youth WorkStudies in English
Computer and Electronic EngineeringStudies in English
Computer and Energy SystemsStudies in English
Computer Services ManagementStudies in English
Computing & Digital MediaStudies in English
Computing in Software DevelopmentStudies in English
Construction Economics and Quantity SurveyingStudies in English
Construction ManagementStudies in English
Construction Management in Refurbishment and MaintenanceStudies in English
Culinary & Gastronomic ScienceStudies in English
Culinary ArtsStudies in English
Cullinary Arts ManagementStudies in English
DesignStudies in English
Design in TextilesStudies in English
Digital Media & SocietyStudies in English
Education - Art, Design & GraphicsStudies in English
Energy EngineeringStudies in English
EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Agricultural EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Automation & RoboticsStudies in EnglishStudies online
Engineering - Biomedical EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Civil EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Energy EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Industrial EngineeringStudies in EnglishStudies online
Engineering - Manufacturing EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Mechanical EngineeringStudies in English
Engineering - Software & Electronic EngineeringStudies in English
Event Management with Public RelationsStudies in English
Film & DocumentaryStudies in English
Film and DocumentaryStudies in English
FinanceStudies in English
Finance & EconomicsStudies in English
Fine ArtStudies in English
Fine Art PaintingStudies in EnglishStudies online
Forensic Science & AnalysisStudies in English
Forensic Science and AnalysisStudies in English
General NursingStudies in English
Heritage StudiesStudies in English
Hospitality StudiesStudies in English
Hotel & Catering ManagementStudies in English
Hotel and CateringStudies in English
Hotel and Catering ManagementStudies in English
Human Resource ManagementStudies in English
Information Systems ManagementStudies in English
Information Technology AdministrationStudies in English
Information Technology for BusinessStudies in English
International Hotel ManagementStudies in English
International Tourism ManagementStudies in English
Manufacturing Engineering DesignStudies in English
Marketing & SalesStudies in English
Mechanical EngineeringStudies in English
Medical ScienceStudies in English
NursingStudies in English
Outdoor EducationStudies in English
Outdoor Education and LeisureStudies in English
Outdoor Education and Leisure with GeographyStudies in English
Physics & InstrumentationStudies in English
Physics and InstrumentationStudies in English
Psychiatric NursingStudies in English
Public Health NutritionStudies in English
Quality for IndustryStudies in English
Quantity Surveying & Construction EconomicsStudies in English
Religious StudiesStudies in English
Retail and Customer Service ManagementStudies in English
Rural Enterprise & Agri-BusinessStudies in English
Rural Enterprise and Agri-BusinessStudies in English
Rural Enterprise and Environmental ManagementStudies in English
Software DevelopmentStudies in English
Sport & Excercise ScienceStudies in English
Sustainable Building TechnologyStudies in English
Tourism ManagementStudies in English
UndenominatedStudies in English

Applied Marine ConservationStudies in English
Applied Sport & Exercise NutritionStudies in English
ComputingStudies in English
Conservation BehaviourStudies in English
Creative PracticeStudies in English
Design & InnovationStudies in English
Environmental SystemsStudies in English
Marine Biological ResourcesStudies in English
Palliative and End of Life CareStudies in English
Strength & ConditioningStudies in English
Teaching & LearningStudies in English

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Galway Campus is the largest of GMIT's five campuses and is the administrative headquarters.

It is located on the Dublin Road in Galway City and overlooks Galway Bay.

The campus building is one of Galway City's iconic landmarks, due to the distinctive three sail-shaped copper panels at the front of the main building. This unique design helps identify the Institute as an innovator in modern technology, and also serves the practical purpose of housing the Library and IT Centre.

A huge variety of courses are available in this campus - everything from business and science, to engineering and tourism.

The Mayo Campus is located next to Mayo General Hospital, less than ten minutes walk from Castlebar Town.

It opened its doors to students in 1994, in the west wing of the Hospital. The entire building has been sensitively restored to retain as much as possible of the original architecture, while providing the modern facilities and services required for students and staff.

The Mayo Campus specialises in nursing and outdoor education, as well as offering courses in business, technology, health sciences and more.

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