Munich (München), Germany

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München

University type: universities of applied sciences
University status: public


Lothstr. 34
80335 München
Tel. +49 89 1265-0
Year founded: 1971

full-time studies
part-time studies
Aerospace engineeringStudies in Germandual studies
ArchitectureStudies in German
Automotive EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
BioengineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Business ManagementStudies in Germandual studies
Cartography and Geomedia EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Chemical EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Civil EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Computer SciencesStudies in Germandual studies
Education and Learning in ChildhoodStudies in German
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - ElectromobilityStudies in Germandual studies
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyStudies in Germandual studies
Energy and Building EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Engineering and ManagementStudies in Germandual studies
Geoinformatics and Satellite PositioningStudies in Germandual studies
Geotelematics and NavigationStudies in Germandual studies
Industrial Engineering - LogisticsStudies in Germandual studies
Industrial Engineering, Automotive IndustryStudies in Germandual studies
Information ManagementStudies in Germandual studies
International Project ManagementStudies in German
Management of Social InnovationsStudies in German
Mechanical EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
NursingStudies in Germandual studies
Paper and Packaging TechnologyStudies in German
Physical and Instrumental EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Print and Media TechnologyStudies in Germandual studies
Production and AutomationStudies in Germandual studies
Production EngineeringStudies in German
Renewable Energies - Electrical and Electronic EngineeringStudies in Germandual studies
Social WorkStudies in German
Technical writing and communicationStudies in German
Tourism ManagementStudies in Germandual studies
Angewandte Geodäsie und GeoinformatikStudies in German
Augenoptik / OptometrieStudies in Germandual studies
Betriebswirtschaftslehre und UnternehmensführungStudies in German
DesignStudies in German
Mechatronik / FeinwerktechnikStudies in Germandual studies
Scientific ComputingStudies in Germandual studies
Soziale Arbeit - BASAStudies in GermanStudies online

full-time studies
part-time studies
Aerospace engineeringStudies in German
Applied research in social workStudies in German
ArchitectureStudies in German
Automotive EngineeringStudies in German
Building TechnologyStudies in German
Business ManagementStudies in German
Community Development, District Management and Local EconomyStudies in German
Computer SciencesStudies in German
Diagnostics, Counselling and InterventionStudies in German
Electrical EngineeringStudies in German
Engineering and ManagementStudies in German
General Civil EngineeringStudies in German
GeomaticsStudies in German
Information ManagementStudies in German
Intercultural Communication and Co-operationStudies in German
Mechanical EngineeringStudies in German
Microtechnology and NanotechnologyStudies in German
Operational Tax TheoryStudies in German
PackagingStudies in German
Personnel ManagementStudies in German
PhotonicsStudies in German
Print Media, Technology and ManagementStudies in German
Production and AutomationStudies in German
Social Services ManagementStudies in German
Technical Calculation and SimulationStudies in German
Tourism ManagementStudies in German
Vehicle MechatronicsStudies in German
Advanced DesignStudies in German
Advanced Nursing PracticeStudies in German
Applied Research in Engineering SciencesStudies in German
Biotechnologie / BioingenieurwesenStudies in German
Facility ManagementStudies in German
Gesellschaftlicher Wandel und TeilhabeStudies in German
Hospitality ManagementStudies in German
Mechatronik / FeinwerktechnikStudies in German
Mental HealthStudies in German
Psychotherapie (Erwachsene)Studies in German
Stochastic Engineering in Business and FinanceStudies in German
Systems EngineeringStudies in German
Paper TechnologyStudies in English

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