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Pavia, Italy

University of Pavia

Università degli Studi di Pavia

University type: university
University status: public

BioengineeringStudies in Italian
Biological SciencesStudies in Italian
Biomedical Laboratory TechniquesStudies in Italian
BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
Business Administration, Control and Corporate FinanceStudies in Italian
Cardiocirculatory and Cardiovascular Perfusion TechniquesStudies in Italian
ChemistryStudies in Italian
Childhood Neuro and PsycomotricityStudies in Italian
Civil and Environmental EngineeringStudies in Italian
Communication, Innovation, MultimediaStudies in Italian
Computer Science and Electronic EngineeringStudies in Italian
Dental HygieneStudies in Italian
DietisticStudies in Italian
EconomicsStudies in Italian
Environment and Workplace Prevention TechniquesStudies in Italian
Geological ScienceStudies in Italian
Imaging and Radiotherapy TechniquesStudies in Italian
Industrial EngineeringStudies in Italian
LettersStudies in Italian
ManagementStudies in Italian
MathematicsStudies in Italian
MidwiferyStudies in Italian
Modern Languages and CulturesStudies in Italian
Natural Sciences and TechnologiesStudies in Italian
Neurophysiopathology TechniquesStudies in Italian
NursingStudies in Italian
Occupational TherapyStudies in Italian
Orthopaedics TechniquesStudies in Italian
Orthoptic and Ophtalmologic AssistanceStudies in Italian
PhilosophyStudies in Italian
PhysicsStudies in Italian
PhysiotherapyStudies in Italian
Political Science and International RelationsStudies in Italian
Psychiatric Rehabilitation TechniquesStudies in Italian
Psychological Science and TechniquesStudies in Italian
Science of Legal ServicesStudies in Italian
Sport and Exercise SciencesStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
Medicina e ChirurgiaStudies in English
Architecture and Building EngineeringStudies in Italian
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical TechnologiesStudies in Italian
DentistryStudies in Italian
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian
Medicine and SurgeryStudies in Italian
PharmacyStudies in Italian

Biologia molecolare e geneticaStudies in English
Economia e management internazionaleStudies in English
Economia, finanza e integrazione internazionaleStudies in English
Ingegneria dell'automazione industrialeStudies in English
Politica nel mondo e relazioni internazionaliStudies in English
Advanced BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
African and Asian StudiesStudies in Italian
Applied Geological SciencesStudies in Italian
Art History from Antiquity to Contemporary ArtStudies in Italian
BioengineeringStudies in Italian
Business Administration and Corporate LawStudies in Italian
ChemistryStudies in Italian
Civil EngineeringStudies in Italian
Classical and Ancient Near Eastern StudiesStudies in Italian
Economics and Business AdministrationStudies in Italian
Economics, Politics and International InstitutionsStudies in Italian
Electrical EngineeringStudies in Italian
Government and Public PoliciesStudies in Italian
History of EuropeStudies in Italian
Land and Environmental EngineeringStudies in Italian
Literatures of Europe and the AmericasStudies in Italian
MathematicsStudies in Italian
Medical and Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
Modern Philology. Science of Literature Theatre CinemaStudies in Italian
Natural SciencesStudies in Italian
NeurobiologyStudies in Italian
Nursing and Midwifery SciencesStudies in Italian
PhilosophyStudies in Italian
PhysicsStudies in Italian
Preventive and Adapted Physical ActivityStudies in Italian
Professional Communication and MultimediaStudies in Italian
PsychologyStudies in Italian
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics; Linguistics and Modern LanguagesStudies in Italian
Biologia sperimentale ed applicataStudies in Italian

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University of PaviaVigevano
University of PaviaVoghera
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