Verona, Italy

University of Verona

Università degli Studi di Verona

University type: university
University status: public

Applied MathematicsStudies in Italian
BioinformaticsStudies in Italian
Biomedical Laboratory TechniquesStudies in Italian
BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
Business EconomicsStudies in Italian
Cardiocirculatory and Cardiovascular Perfusion TechniquesStudies in Italian
Communication SciencesStudies in Italian
Computer ScienceStudies in Italian
Cultural HeritageStudies in Italian
Economics and TradeStudies in Italian
Education SciencesStudies in Italian
Foreign Languages and LiteratureStudies in Italian
Imaging and Radiotherapy TechniquesStudies in Italian
LettersStudies in Italian
MidwiferyStudies in Italian
Modern Languages and Cultures for Editing and PublishingStudies in Italian
Modern Languages and Cultures for the Management of Tourism and International TradeStudies in Italian
NursingStudies in Italian
PhilosophyStudies in Italian
Physical Activity and Sport SciencesStudies in Italian
PhysiotherapyStudies in Italian
Science of Legal ServicesStudies in Italian
Sciences for Social WorkStudies in Italian
Sciences of Training in OrganizationsStudies in Italian
Speech and Language TherapyStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
DentistryStudies in Italian
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian
Medicine and SurgeryStudies in Italian

Biotecnologie molecolari e medicheStudies in English
EconomíaStudies in English
LinguisticaStudies in English
MatematicăStudies in English
Agro-Food BiotechnologiesStudies in Italian
ArtsStudies in Italian
Banking and FinanceStudies in Italian
Business Administration and Corporate LawStudies in Italian
Computer Science and EngineeringStudies in Italian
Editing and JournalismStudies in Italian
European and non-European Comparative Languages and LiteraturesStudies in Italian
Governance of EmergenciesStudies in Italian
Health Professions of Rehabilitation SciencesStudies in Italian
Historical SciencesStudies in Italian
Human Resources Training and DevelopmentStudies in Italian
Languages for Tourism and Business CommunicationStudies in Italian
Marketing and Corporate CommunicationStudies in Italian
Nursing and Midwifery SciencesStudies in Italian
Pedagogical SciencesStudies in Italian
Philology and Hermeneutics of Literary TextsStudies in Italian
Philosophical ScienceStudies in Italian
Science in Preventive and Adapted Physical ActivityStudies in Italian
Science of Sport and Physical PerformanceStudies in Italian
Social Work in Complex IssuesStudies in Italian

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