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Urbino, Italy

University of Urbino

Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo

University type: university
University status: public

Applied Computer ScienceStudies in Italian
Biological SciencesStudies in Italian
Economics and ManagementStudies in Italian
Education SciencesStudies in Italian
Foreign Languages and CulturesStudies in Italian
Geological ScienceStudies in Italian
Information, Media and AdvertisementStudies in Italian
Law Degree for Labour Consultancy and Safety at WorkStudies in Italian
Nutritional ScienceStudies in Italian
Political Sciences, Economics and GovernmentStudies in Italian
Psychological Science and TechniquesStudies in Italian
Sociology and Social WorkStudies in Italian
Sport, Health and Physical ExerciseStudies in Italian
Scienze Umanistiche. Discipline Letterarie, Artistiche e FilosoficheStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical TechnologiesStudies in Italian
Conservation and Restoration of Cultural HeritageStudies in Italian
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian
PharmacyStudies in Italian
Primary Teacher EducationStudies in Italian

Classical and Modern Languages and LiteraturesStudies in Italian
Clinical PsychologyStudies in Italian
Economics and ManagementStudies in Italian
Engineering Geology and GeoinformaticsStudies in Italian
Foreign Languages: Teaching Methodology, Publishing, BusinessStudies in Italian
Health, Nutritional and Environmental BiologyStudies in Italian
History of ArtStudies in Italian
Management of Policies, Social Services and Intercultural MediationStudies in Italian
Marketing and Business CommunicationStudies in Italian
Philosophy of Knowledge, Nature, SocietyStudies in Italian
Physical Education for Health and PreventionStudies in Italian
Sport SciencesStudies in Italian
Study on International Politics Society and EconomicsStudies in Italian

Other educational centers
University of UrbinoFano
University of UrbinoPesaro
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