Rome, Italy

LUMSA University

Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta

University type: university
University status: non-public

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Giurisprudenza (Palermo)
Giurisprudenza (Roma)
Scienze Economiche, Politiche e delle Lingue moderne
Scienze Umane - Comunicazione, Formazione, Psicologia

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LUMSA UniversityPalermo

The Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta (LUMSA) is a private Italian Catholic university, founded in 1939 as the Istituto Superiore di Magistero "Maria Ss. Assunta".
LUMSA is an accredited university which enjoys institutional autonomy in all academic, administrative and policy matters. It awards degrees and diplomas which are equivalent to those of public universities.

In particular, LUMSA is committed to:

  • promoting scientific research and studies intended to advance the common good
  • providing young people with skills which will help them in their future professions and in fulfilling their wider social responsibilities
  • promoting lifelong education and supporting mature students
  • providing financial support towards the cost of tuition fees and research grants for students depending on the particular circumstances
  • ensuring, in accordance with the values of the University and those upheld in the Italian Constitution, gender equality and equal opportunities between men and women. LUMSA rejects any kind of discrimination, whether direct or indirect, and it opposes all forms of coercion and violence. It is committed to best practices so as to ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment
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