Sassari, Italy

University of Sassari

Università degli Studi di Sassari

University type: university
University status: public

Agricultural Science and TechnologyStudies in Italian
Agro-Zootechnical SciencesStudies in Italian
Biological SciencesStudies in Italian
Biomedical Laboratory TechniquesStudies in Italian
BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
ChemistryStudies in Italian
Computer Science and EngineeringStudies in Italian
Cultural Heritage StudiesStudies in Italian
Economics and ManagementStudies in Italian
Education SciencesStudies in Italian
Imaging and Radiotherapy TechniquesStudies in Italian
LettersStudies in Italian
Linguistic and Cultural MediationStudies in Italian
MidwiferyStudies in Italian
Natural SciencesStudies in Italian
NursingStudies in Italian
Political ScienceStudies in Italian
Science of Legal ServicesStudies in Italian
Social ServiceStudies in Italian
Comunicazione pubblica e professioni dell'informazioneStudies in Italian
Gestione energetica e sicurezzaStudies in Italian
Lingue, culture e tecniche per il turismoStudies in Italian
Scienze e tecniche psicologiche dei processi cognitiviStudies in Italian
Scienze motorie, sportive e benessere dell'uomoStudies in Italian
Sicurezza e cooperazione internazionaleStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical TechnologiesStudies in Italian
DentistryStudies in Italian
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian
Medicine and SurgeryStudies in Italian
PharmacyStudies in Italian
Veterinary MedicineStudies in Italian

Gestione dei flussi migratoriStudies in English
Wildlife Management, Conservation, and ControlStudies in English
Agricultural SystemsStudies in Italian
Animal Productions SciencesStudies in Italian
ArchaeologyStudies in Italian
BiologyStudies in Italian
Business EconomicsStudies in Italian
Chemical SciencesStudies in Italian
EconomicsStudies in Italian
Foreign Languages and Literatures for Cultural Mediation and Local DevelopmentStudies in Italian
Human and Animal Health BiotechnologiesStudies in Italian
Italian Literature, Modern Philology and Cultural ProductionsStudies in Italian
Land and Environment ManagementStudies in Italian
Nursing and Midwifery SciencesStudies in Italian
Social Service and Social PolicyStudies in Italian
Scienze dell'alimentazione, salute e benessere dell'uomoStudies in Italian
Scienze politiche e giuridiche per l amministrazioneStudies in Italian
Scienze storiche e filosoficheStudies in Italian

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