Bratislava, Slovakia

Рaneuropean University

Рaneurópska vysoká škola

University type: universities
University status: non-public


Tomasikova 20
SK-821 02 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Telephone: +421-2-48 208 803

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Psychology Studies in Slovak
Ekonómia a podnikanie Studies in Slovak
Masmédia Studies in Slovak
Рrávo Studies in Slovak

Paneuropean University (PEU) was founded in 2004 as a private educational establishment that initially carried the name of Bratislavská vysoká škola práva. Starting with the academic year 2010/2011 it is called Paneuropean University.

PEU currently has five faculties – Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Mass Media, Faculty of Informatics and Faculty of Psychology. It offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies in 14 programmes accredited by the Ministry of Education. Three faculties of PEU allow habilitation and inauguration. The other two are authorised to carry out a rigorous procedure.

PEU is a modern educational and research institution that is committed to the Humboldtian idea of graduate education complying with the latest achievements in education and research.

PEU develops creativity and promotes innovative solutions. Its students grow into competent professionals and intellectuals in their areas of studies.

The University possesses modern teaching materials and technological equipment. Apart from the main building located on Tomášikova street, it has further facilities on Tematínska and Nevädzova streets, where the University’s high-end Media Centre is located.

Paneuropean University develops cooperation with major foreign universities and scientific institutions. It supports continuous flow of knowledge and information, as well as exchange of researchers, students and teachers around the world.

The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Business of PEU also operate abroad. Both faculties have branches in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. In Slovakia the faculties are also represented in Žilina.

PEU addresses extracurricular development of its students by facilitating various activities. There are a number of active student groups – Sports Club PANEURÓPA, Students Club and Bruno Walter Orchestra.

The University is committed to the traditional European values, which are a founding part of humanism, scientism and creative development of individual competencies. This effort grants PEU the ability to establish itself in Central Europe as an exclusive educational and research institution, which promotes the good name of Slovakia home and abroad.

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