Arad, Romania

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad

Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu din Arad

University type: universities
University status: public


B-dul Revoluţiei nr. 77,
310130 Arad, Romania,
P.O. BOX 2/158 AR
Phone +40-257-283010

Administrarea afacerilorStudies in Romanian
Arte vizualeStudies in Romanian
Asistenţă socialăStudies in Romanian
Contabilitate şi informatică de gestiuneStudies in Romanian
Economia comerţului, turismului şi serviciilorStudies in Romanian
Educaţie fizică şi sportStudies in Romanian
Finanţe şi bănciStudies in Romanian
InformaticăStudies in Romanian
Ing. produselor alimentareStudies in Romanian
Ingineria mediuluiStudies in Romanian
Inginerie şi managementStudies in Romanian
Limbă şi literaturăStudies in Romanian
ManagementStudies in Romanian
MarketingStudies in Romanian
MatematicăStudies in Romanian
Pedagogia învăţământului primar şi preşcolarStudies in Romanian
PsihologieStudies in Romanian
Psihopedagogie specialăStudies in Romanian
Şt. ale comunicăriiStudies in Romanian
Ştiinţe administrativeStudies in Romanian
TeologieStudies in Romanian

Administrarea afacerilor în comerț și turismStudies in Romanian
Administrarea financiar-contabilă a întreprinderiiStudies in Romanian
Analiză economică, evaluare de active şi afaceriStudies in Romanian
Buget public, pieţe financiare şi bănciStudies in Romanian
Informatică aplicată în ştiinţe, tehnologie şi economieStudies in Romanian
Ing. produselor alimentareStudies in Romanian
Ingineria mediuluiStudies in Romanian
Limbă şi literaturăStudies in Romanian
Management şi finanţare în administraţia publicăStudies in Romanian
Ştiinţe administrativeStudies in Romanian
Strategii și politici de managementStudies in Romanian
TeologieStudies in Romanian

Doctoral studiesmore »
Teologie Studies in Romanian

Faculties, schools of studymore »
Facultatea de Design
Facultatea de Educaţie Fizică şi Sport
Facultatea de Inginerie
Facultatea de Inginerie Alimentară, Turism şi Protecţia Mediului
Facultatea de Stiinte ale Educatiei, Psihologie si Asistenta Sociala
Facultatea de Ştiinte Economice
Facultatea de Ştiinte Exacte
Facultatea de Ştiinte Umaniste si Sociale
Facultatea de Teologie

The "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad is a state higher education institution, accredited and acknowledged by ARACIS as presenting a "high degree of confidence", continuing the tradition of university education in the Arad area which started with the:

  • Theology Institute (1822),
  • The Livestock and Veterinary Medicine Faculty (1947),
  • The Engineering Institute (1972).

The University "Aurel Vlaicu" has developed, year after year, new specializations, with new faculties, which meet the terms of quality standards. The academic year 2010/2011 marks the establishment of the Faculty of Design and the specializations: psychology, computer science, economics, marketing, and fashion and fashion design. Thus the beginning of academic year UAV has: 38 specialties license, 27 Master programs, field IOSUD (Institution organizing PhD studies) in Philology, 12 departments.

A fundamental dimension of higher education is the scientific research. In the 2008-2009 academic year scientific research has accelerated in comparison with previous years. It can be underlined that in 2008 UAV submitted in 9 international research projects and 7 national research projects. Of these, 8 international projects and 5 international projects have won.

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