Bucharest, Romania

Athenaeum University of Bucharest

Universitatea "Athenaeum" din Bucureşti

University type: universities
University status: non-public


str. Giuseppe Garibaldi nr.2A
sector 2 Bucuresti-Romania
The Athenaeum University in Bucharest was founded in 1990 as a private institution of higher education and is accredited by law.

The university is committed in offering good quality opportunities that enable students to meet first of all the people, the culture and the contemporary interests of other regions of the world. No matter what your concentration is, your abroad study scholarship will enable you to enrich and extend your student education.

Athenaeum University will give you new extents, intellectually and culturally, will teach you how to be independent and how to manage a rapid changing society due to the information technology. The system offered by the university is characterized by flexibility and independence. This system is conceived to encourage students to become independent, the success ultimately depending on each student's personality and interest.
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