Vatican City, Vatican

Pontifical Lateran University

Pontificia Università Lateranense

University type: theological
University status: non-public


Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano
4 Città del Vaticano 00120
tel. +39 06 69895601 (Segretario Generale)

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Canon Law Studies in Italian
Civil Law Studies in Italian
Philosophy Studies in Italian
Sacra Teologia Studies in Italian

Born in the heart of the Church and located in the center of Rome, with both saints and popes among its distinguished alumni, the Pontifical Lateran University, with more than two centuries of tradition, stands today as a leader on the frontier of formation and scientific research.

The four Faculties and two Institutes of the Lateran offer both basic and specialized formation, enriched and completed by graduate degree programs in various specializations.

Both the teaching faculty and the student body come from all over the world, providing an international dimension that reflects the universal mission of the Church and ensures personal and pastoral growth and greater cultural awareness.

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