Zaprešić, Croatia

College of Business and Management B.A. Krčelić

Visoka Škola za Poslovanje i Upravljanje

University type: economics
University status: non-public


10290 Zaprešić, Vladimira Novaka 23
Phone 01/4002-782

The vision of the College, i.e. the future Polytechnic is: continuing to develop into a high-quality institution of higher education with a clearly defined education and research profile directed towards business and management in the context of sustainable development, and based on clear learning outcomes and lifelong learning, attractive to students and characterized by active cooperation with economic and other subjects from the community, included into the Croatian and European higher education context.

Carrying out the project of establishing a scientific and technology campus in Zaprešić, which would include the College as the core open to other institutions of higher education and scientific institutions, will enable us to become a recognizable and high-quality institution of higher education.

The mission of the College is: comprehensively, consistently and efficiently following the long-term needs of the economy and of the cultural institutions of the Town of Zaprešić and the regional community, and in cooperation with the Ruđer Bošković Institute from Zagreb and other domestic and foreign scientific and HE institutions, to establish and develop professional studies, forms of lifelong learning and scientific and professional research by comprehensively and consistently responding to long-term needs of the economy and of the cultural institutions, so as to:

  • adequately prepare students for the labour market in the field of business and management and for the continuation of their studies, through our professional undergraduate and specialist graduate programmes;
  • continually enhance the quality of the established professional undergraduate and specialist graduate studies in the fields of economics and finance, culture, communications and the interdisciplinary area of project management, with the aim of further differentiation and making the College more recognizable on the education market;
  • respond to the needs and redefine the existing and develop new study programmes, primarily in the area of financial management as a direct continuation for students of business economics and finance;
  • prepare and train students and graduates for lifelong learning;
  • contribute to the economic growth, encourage innovation and the development of the business sector, non-profit organizations and public administration by means of research.
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