Tampere, Finland

University of Tampere

Tampereen yliopisto

University type: universities
University status: public


Kalevantie 4
33100 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 3 355 111

Europe in the World, B.Soc.Sc., International Relations or Political ScienceStudies in English
Europe in the World, B.Soc.Sc.,SociologyStudies in English
European Studies, B.Soc.Sc.,SociologyStudies in English
Social Sciences, B.Soc.Sc., International Relations or Political ScienceStudies in English
Social Sciences, B.Soc.Sc.,Social Policy or Social Work or Women’s StudiesStudies in English
Etnomusikologia,Humanististen tieteidenStudies in Finnish
HallintotieteidenStudies in Finnish
HumanististenStudies in Finnish
Humanististen tieteidenStudies in Finnish
Kansainvälinen politiikka, YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish
KasvatustieteenStudies in Finnish
KauppatieteidenStudies in Finnish
LuonnontieteidenStudies in Finnish
Naistutkimus,YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish
PsykologianStudies in Finnish
Sosiaaliantropologia,YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish
Sosiaalipolitiikka, YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish
Sosiologia, YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish
TeatteritaiteenStudies in Finnish
TerveystieteidenStudies in Finnish
Tietojenkäsittelyoppi,LuonnontieteidenStudies in Finnish
Valtio-oppi,YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish
YhteiskuntatieteidenStudies in Finnish

Bioinformatics. M.Sc.Studies in English
Business Competence, M.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Admin.),Management and Organization or Accounting or Marketing or Business Law or Tax Law or InsuranceStudies in English
Comparative Social Policy and Welfare, M.Soc.Sc.Studies in English
European and Russian Studies, M.A.,Russian Language and CultureStudies in English
European and Russian Studies, M.Soc.Sc.,Journalism and Mass CommunicationStudies in English
European Studies and World Politics, M.Soc.Sc.,International RelationsStudies in English
European Studies: Europeanization of Politics and Governance, M.Soc.Sc.,International Relations or Political ScienceStudies in English
Global Governance and World Culture,SociologyStudies in English
Health Sciences (International Health)Studies in English
Health Sciences (Public Health,Public HealthStudies in English
Higher Education (European Master Programme in Higher Education HEEM), M.Sc. (Admin.),Admisnistrave ScienceStudies in English
Information Society and Russia, M.Soc.Sc.,International Relations or Political ScienceStudies in English
Information Society and Russia, M.Soc.Sc.,Journalism and Mass CommunicationStudies in English
Information Society and Russia, M.Soc.Sc.,SociologyStudies in English
Information Society and Russia,EducationStudies in English
Information Society, M.Soc.Sc.,Journalism and Mass Communication,Studies in English
Interactive Technology, M.Sc.,Interactive Technology,Studies in English
International Performance Research (MAIPR). M.A.,Theatre and Drama ResearchStudies in English
International Relations CBU, M.Soc.Sc.,Studies in English
Media Management, M.Sc. (Admin.),Administrative ScienceStudies in English
Media Management, M.Soc.Sc.,Journalism and Mass CommunicationStudies in English
Places, Spaces and Transnational Relations, M.Soc.Sc.,International RelationsStudies in English
Places,Spaces and Transnational Relations, M.Soc.Sc.Studies in English
Places,Spaces and Transnational Relations, M.Soc.Sc.,Journalism and Mass CommunicationStudies in English
Political Communication, M.A., Speech Communication and Voice ResearchStudies in English
Political Communication, M.Soc.Sc.,International RelationsStudies in English
Political Communication, M.Soc.Sc.,Journalism and Mass CommunicationStudies in English
Public Economics and Public Finance (MGE), M.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Admin.),EconomicsStudies in English
Software Development, M.Sc.,Computer Science,Studies in English
User Interface Software Development, M.Sc.,Interactive TechnologyStudies in English
Aikuiskasvatus,Kasvatustieteen m.t.Studies in Finnish
Bioinformatiikka,Filosofian maisterin tutkintoStudies in Finnish
Englantilainen filologiaStudies in Finnish
Epidemiologia,Terveystieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Filosofia,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Finanssihallinto ja julkisyhteisöjen laskentatoimi,Hallintotieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Gerontologia, Terveystieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Hallintotiede,Hallintotieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Historia,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Hoitotiede, Terveystieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Informaatiotutkimus ja interaktiivinen media,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Kansainvälinen lääketiede,Terveystieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Kansainvälinen politiikka,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Kansantaloustiede, Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Kansantaloustiede,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Kansanterveystiede,Terveystieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Logopedia,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Matematiikka,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Mediakulttuuri,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Monikielisen viestinnän ja käännöstieteen ko.Studies in Finnish
Naistutkimus,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Pohjoismaiset kieletStudies in Finnish
Psykologia,Psykologian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Puheoppi,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Puhetekniikka ja vokologia,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Ranskan kieliStudies in Finnish
Saksan kieli ja kulttuuriStudies in Finnish
Sosiaaliantropologia,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Sosiaalipolitiikk,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Sosiaalipsykologia,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Sosiaalityö,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Sosiologia, Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Suomen kieliStudies in Finnish
Suomen kirjallisuusStudies in Finnish
Teatterin ja draaman tutkimus,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Teatterityö, Teatteritaiteen m.t.Studies in Finnish
Tiedotusoppi,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Tietojenkäsittelyoppi,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Tilastotiede,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Vakuutustiede, Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Valtio-oppi,Yhteiskuntatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Venäjän kieli ja kulttuuriStudies in Finnish
Vero-oikeus,Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Vuorovaikutteinen teknologia,Filosofian m.t.Studies in Finnish
Ympäristöpolitiikka,Hallintotieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Yrityksen hallinto, Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Yrityksen taloustiede, laskentatoimi,Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Yrityksen taloustiede, markkinointi, Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish
Yritysjuridiikka,Kauppatieteiden m.t.Studies in Finnish

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Filosofian Studies in Finnish
Hallintotieteiden Studies in Finnish
Kasvatustieteen Studies in Finnish
Kauppatieteiden Studies in Finnish
Lääketieteen Studies in Finnish
Psykologian Studies in Finnish
Teatteritaiteen Studies in Finnish
Terveystieteiden Studies in Finnish
Yhteiskuntatieteiden Studies in Finnish

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The University of Tampere

is a culturally-committed higher education institution 
with the social mission of educating visionaries 
who understand the world and change it. 

The profile of the University of Tampere accentuates the university’s multifaceted research and education on society and health.

In its research, the University addresses the central issues in contemporary society. By providing critical knowledge and education, the university helps people and societies to improve their health and their cultural, social and economic well-being.

The basic values of the University are academic freedom, creativity and social responsibility. This means that everyone has an equal right to learn, to acquire knowledge, to participate and to make an impact on society.

Tampere, the home city of the University is the third biggest city in Finland.

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