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Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik University

Háskólinn í Reykjavík

University type: universities
University status: non-public


Menntavegi 1, 101 Reykjavík
Phone: +354 5996200

ByggingafræðiStudies in Icelandic
ByggingariðnfræðiStudies in Icelandic
ByggingartæknifræðiStudies in Icelandic
FjármálaverkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
HátækniverkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
HeilbrigðisverkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
HugbúnaðarverkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
IðnaðartæknifræðiStudies in Icelandic
IðnfræðiStudies in Icelandic
ÍþróttafræðiStudies in Icelandic
Kerfisfræði (fjarnám)Studies in Icelandic
Kerfisfræði (háskólanám með vinnu)Studies in Icelandic
Kerfisfræði (staðarnám)Studies in Icelandic
RafiðnfræðiStudies in Icelandic
RafmagnstæknifræðiStudies in Icelandic
RekstrariðnfræðiStudies in Icelandic
RekstrarverkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
SálfræðiStudies in Icelandic
TæknifræðiStudies in Icelandic
TölvunarfræðiStudies in Icelandic
TölvunarstærðfræðiStudies in Icelandic
Vél- og orkutæknifræðiStudies in Icelandic
VélaverkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
VéliðnfræðiStudies in Icelandic
VerkfræðiStudies in Icelandic
ViðskiptafræðiStudies in Icelandic
Viðskiptafræði (fjarnám)Studies in Icelandic

Biomedical Engineering, MScStudies in English
Civil Engineering, MScStudies in English
Computer Science Double Degree MScStudies in English
Computer Science MScStudies in English
Corporate Finance, MCFStudies in English
Corporate Finance, MScStudies in English
Electrical Engineering, MScStudies in English
Engineering Management, MScStudies in English
Exercise Science and Coaching, MScStudies in English
Financial Engineering, MScStudies in English
International Business, MScStudies in English
Language Technology MScStudies in English
LawStudies in English
Mechanical Engineering, MScStudies in English
Software Engineering MScStudies in English
Sports Health Education, MEdStudies in English
Sustainable Energy (ISE), MScStudies in English
Sustainable Energy Engineering (ISE), MScStudies in English
Alþjóðaviðskipti, MScStudies in Icelandic
Byggingarverkfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Fjármál fyrirtækja, MCFStudies in Icelandic
Fjármálaverkfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Framkvæmdastjórnun, MScStudies in Icelandic
Heilbrigðisverkfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Heilsuþjálfun og kennsla, MEdStudies in Icelandic
Hugbúnaðarverkfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Íþróttavísindi og þjálfun, MScStudies in Icelandic
Lífupplýsingafræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Lögfræði, MLStudies in Icelandic
Master of Project Management, MPMStudies in Icelandic
MSc Skipulagsfræði og samgöngur, MScStudies in Icelandic
Orkuverkfræði - Iceland School of Energy, MScStudies in Icelandic
Rafmagnsverkfræði, MscStudies in Icelandic
Reikningshald og endurskoðun, MACCStudies in Icelandic
Rekstrarverkfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Sjálfbær orkuvísindi - Iceland School of EnergyStudies in Icelandic
Stjórnun og efling mannauðs, MscStudies in Icelandic
Stjórnunarreikningsskil og viðskiptagreind, MABIStudies in Icelandic
Tölvunarfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic
Vélaverkfræði, MScStudies in Icelandic

Doctoral studiesmore »
Business - PhD Programme Studies in English
Computer Science - PhD Programme Studies in Icelandic
Law - PhD Programme Studies in Icelandic
Science and Engineering - PhD Programme Studies in Icelandic

MBAmore »
Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) - Reykjavik University Studies in English
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