Luxembourg, Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg

Université du Luxembourg

University type: universities
University status: public

Civil EngineeringStudies in German
Mechanical EngineeringStudies in German
Digitales IngenieurwesenStudies in German
Energie und UmweltStudies in German
Europäisches BaumanagementStudies in German
Applied Information TechnologyStudies in English
Computer ScienceStudies in English
EngineeringStudies in English
MathematicsStudies in English
PhysicsStudies in English
Accounting and TaxationStudies in French
BiologyStudies in French
Computer ScienceStudies in French
Economic SciencesStudies in French
Education ScienceStudies in French
LawStudies in French
ManagementStudies in French
MathematicsStudies in French
MedicineStudies in French
AnimationStudies in French
Cultures EuropéennesStudies in French
Enseignement MusicalStudies in French
IngénierieStudies in French
Sciences Sociales et ÉducativesStudies in French

History of Literature, Culture and Language in the German-speaking AreaStudies in German
Theaterwissenschaft und InterkulturalitätStudies in German
Accounting and AuditStudies in English
ArchitectureStudies in English
BiomedicineStudies in English
Computer SciencesStudies in English
EngineeringStudies in English
Entrepreneurship and InnovationStudies in English
Finance and EconomicsStudies in English
Geography and Spatial PlanningStudies in English
Integrated Systems BiologyStudies in English
LawStudies in English
Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementStudies in English
MathematicsStudies in English
Modern and Contemporary European PhilosophyStudies in English
PhysicsStudies in English
PsychologyStudies in English
PsychotherapyStudies in English
Small Animal Veterinary MedicineStudies in English
Social SciencesStudies in English
Social Sciences and Educational SciencesStudies in English
GerontologyStudies in French
LawStudies in French
Développement et Validation du LogicielStudies in French
Efficacité Énergétique et ÉconomiqueStudies in French
Études Franco-Allemandes - Communication et Coopération TransfrontalièresStudies in French
MédiationStudies in French

Doctoral studiesmore »
Economics and Finance Studies in English
Humanities and Social Sciences Studies in English
Law Studies in English
Science and Engineering Studies in English
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