Bologna, Italy

University of Bologna

Università degli Studi di Bologna

University type: university
University status: public

Economia e finanzaStudies in English
Economia e gestione delle impreseStudies in English
GenomicsStudies in English
Scienze statisticheStudies in English
Agricultural TechnologyStudies in Italian
Animal ProductionStudies in Italian
Anthropology, Religions, Oriental CivilizationsStudies in Italian
ArchitectureStudies in Italian
AstronomyStudies in Italian
Biological SciencesStudies in Italian
Biomedical Laboratory TechniquesStudies in Italian
BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
Business EconomicsStudies in Italian
Chemical and Biochemical EngineeringStudies in Italian
Chemistry and Materials ChemistryStudies in Italian
Civil EngineeringStudies in Italian
Communication SciencesStudies in Italian
Computer ScienceStudies in Italian
Computer Science and EngineeringStudies in Italian
Dental HygieneStudies in Italian
DietisticStudies in Italian
Economics, Markets and InstitutionsStudies in Italian
Educator in Childhood Social ServicesStudies in Italian
Electrical Energy EngineeringStudies in Italian
Electronics and Telecommunications EngineeringStudies in Italian
Energy EngineeringStudies in Italian
Expert in Social and Cultural EducationStudies in Italian
Foreign Languages and LiteratureStudies in Italian
Geological ScienceStudies in Italian
HistoryStudies in Italian
Imaging and Radiotherapy TechniquesStudies in Italian
Industrial ChemistryStudies in Italian
Industrial DesignStudies in Italian
Industrial Engineering and ManagementStudies in Italian
Information Science for ManagementStudies in Italian
International Development and CooperationStudies in Italian
Job and Company Relations ConsultantStudies in Italian
Land and Agro-Forestry SciencesStudies in Italian
Land and Environmental EngineeringStudies in Italian
LettersStudies in Italian
Management and MarketingStudies in Italian
Marketing and Economics of Agro Industrial SystemStudies in Italian
MathematicsStudies in Italian
Mechanical EngineeringStudies in Italian
Mechatronic EngineeringStudies in Italian
MidwiferyStudies in Italian
Natural SciencesStudies in Italian
Neurophysiopathology TechniquesStudies in Italian
NursingStudies in Italian
Orthopaedics TechniquesStudies in Italian
PhilosophyStudies in Italian
Physical Activity and Sport SciencesStudies in Italian
PhysicsStudies in Italian
PhysiotherapyStudies in Italian
PodiatryStudies in Italian
Political, Social and International SciencesStudies in Italian
Social ServiceStudies in Italian
Visual and Performing ArtsStudies in Italian
Lingue, mercati e culture dell'Asia e dell'Africa mediterraneaStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
Medicine and SurgeryStudies in English
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical TechnologiesStudies in Italian
DentistryStudies in Italian
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian
Medicine and SurgeryStudies in Italian
PharmacyStudies in Italian
Primary Teacher EducationStudies in Italian

Advanced Automotive Electronic EngineeringStudies in English
Archeologia e culture del mondo anticoStudies in English
Artificial IntelligenceStudies in English
Automation EngineeringStudies in English
BioinformaticaStudies in English
Digital Humanities and Digital KnowledgeStudies in English
Direzione aziendaleStudies in English
EconomíaStudies in English
Economia e DirittoStudies in English
Economia e politica economicaStudies in English
Electric vehicle engineeringStudies in English
Finanza quantitativaStudies in English
FisicaStudies in English
Geologia e territorioStudies in English
Health Economics and ManagementStudies in English
Ingegneria chimica e di processoStudies in English
Ingegneria dell'energia elettricaStudies in English
Ingegneria edile-architetturaStudies in English
Ingegneria per l'ambiente e il territorioStudies in English
Innovazione e l'organizzazione della cultura e delle artiStudies in English
International Horticultural ScienceStudies in English
International RelationsStudies in English
Italianistica, culture letterarie europee, scienze linguisticheStudies in English
Language, Society and CommunicationStudies in English
Legal StudiesStudies in English
Low carbon technologies and sustainable chemistryStudies in English
Medical BiotechnologyStudies in English
Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyStudies in English
Photochemistry and Molecular MaterialsStudies in English
Politica, administrazione e organizzazioneStudies in English
Precise and sustainable agricultureStudies in English
Psychology of Wellbeing and Social InclusivityStudies in English
Scienze e gestione della naturaStudies in English
Scienze storiche e orientalisticheStudies in English
Statistical SciencesStudies in English
Telecommunications EngineeringStudies in English
Agricultural Science and TechnologyStudies in Italian
Applied Cognitive PsychologyStudies in Italian
Astrophysics and CosmologyStudies in Italian
Biodiversity and EvolutionStudies in Italian
ChemistryStudies in Italian
Cinema, Television and Multimedia ProductionStudies in Italian
Civil EngineeringStudies in Italian
Computer ScienceStudies in Italian
Computer Science and EngineeringStudies in Italian
Cultural Anthropology and EthnologyStudies in Italian
Economics and AccountingStudies in Italian
Energy EngineeringStudies in Italian
Financial Markets and InstitutionsStudies in Italian
Geography and Territorial ProcessesStudies in Italian
Health BiologyStudies in Italian
Industrial ChemistryStudies in Italian
Industrial Engineering and ManagementStudies in Italian
Italian Culture and Language for ForeignersStudies in Italian
Local and Global DevelopmentStudies in Italian
MathematicsStudies in Italian
Mechanical EngineeringStudies in Italian
Modern, Post-Colonial and Comparative LiteraturesStudies in Italian
Molecular and Cellular BiologyStudies in Italian
Molecular and Industrial BiotechnologyStudies in Italian
Music and Theatre StudiesStudies in Italian
Nursing and Midwifery SciencesStudies in Italian
PedagogyStudies in Italian
Philology, Literature and Classical TraditionStudies in Italian
Philosophical ScienceStudies in Italian
Physics of the Earth SystemStudies in Italian
Planning and Management of Agro-Territorial, Forest and LandscapeStudies in Italian
Planning and Managing of Educational Intervention in Social DistressStudies in Italian
Science of Lifelong Educational ProcessesStudies in Italian
Sciences and Techniques of Sports ActivitiesStudies in Italian
SemioticsStudies in Italian
Sociology and Social WorkStudies in Italian
Statistics, Economics and BusinessStudies in Italian
Visual ArtsStudies in Italian
Wellness and Sport ManagementStudies in Italian
Advanced DesignStudies in Italian
Comunicazione giornalistica, pubblica e d'impresaStudies in Italian
Didattica e comunicazione delle scienze naturaliStudies in Italian
Informazione, culture e organizzazione dei mediaStudies in Italian

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