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Napoli, Italy

University of Naples "Parthenope"

Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

University type: university
University status: public

Administration and Organizational SciencesStudies in Italian
Biological SciencesStudies in Italian
Business EconomicsStudies in Italian
Civil and Environmental EngineeringStudies in Italian
Computer ScienceStudies in Italian
Computer Science, Biomedical and Telecommunications EngineeringStudies in Italian
Economics and Business AdministrationStudies in Italian
Economics and TradeStudies in Italian
Industrial Engineering and ManagementStudies in Italian
International Business Administration and ManagementStudies in Italian
Nautical and Aeronautical SciencesStudies in Italian
Sport and Exercise SciencesStudies in Italian
Statistics and Information Technology for Business ManagementStudies in Italian
Tourism Firms ManagementStudies in Italian

Applied Computer ScienceStudies in Italian
Civil EngineeringStudies in Italian
Communication and Information Technology EngineeringStudies in Italian
Economic and Financial SciencesStudies in Italian
Industrial Engineering and ManagementStudies in Italian
International Trade & CooperationStudies in Italian
Management and Business FinanceStudies in Italian
Marketing and International ManagementStudies in Italian
Movement Sciences for Prevention and WellnessStudies in Italian
Quantitative Methods for Business ManagementStudies in Italian
Sciences and Technologies of NavigationStudies in Italian
Sport and Sciences ManagementStudies in Italian
Strategic Management and Accountancy ProfessionStudies in Italian

Integrated Master's degree
JurisprudenceStudies in Italian

Faculties, schools of studymore »
Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza
Dipartimento di Ingegneria
Dipartimento Scienze e Tecnologie
Dipartimento Scienze Motorie e del Benessere
Dipartimento Studi Aziendali e Quantitativi
Dipartimento Studi Aziendali ed Economici
Dipartimento Studi Economici e Giuridici
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