Łódź, Poland

The Academy of Business Administration and Health Sciences

Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu w Łodzi

University type: other universities
University status: non-public

full-time studies
part-time studies
CosmetologyStudies in Polish
PodiatryStudies in Polish
Practical Aesthetic CosmetologyStudies in Polish
Spa and Wellness with Elements of DieteticsStudies in Polish
CriminologyStudies in PolishStudies online
Crime and Social PathologiesStudies in PolishStudies online
Criminal PsychologyStudies in PolishStudies online
DieteticsStudies in Polish
Medical DieteticsStudies in Polish
PsychodieteticsStudies in Polish
Sports DieteticsStudies in Polish
PedagogyStudies in PolishStudies online
CoachingStudies in PolishStudies online
Elderly Person’s Assistant with Elements of AndragogyStudies in PolishStudies online
Nursery Care with Montessori PedagogyStudies in PolishStudies online
Rehabilitation Pedagogy with Elements of SociotherapyStudies in PolishStudies online

Integrated Master's degree
full-time studies
part-time studies
LawStudies in PolishStudies online
Financial and Economic Law with Elements of Tax LawStudies in PolishStudies online
Judical LawStudies in PolishStudies online
Medical LawStudies in PolishStudies online
PsychologyStudies in PolishStudies online
Business PsychologyStudies in PolishStudies online
Clinical PsychologyStudies in PolishStudies online
Social and Educational PsychologyStudies in PolishStudies online

full-time studies
part-time studies
CosmetologyStudies in PolishStudies online
Manager of Spa and Wellness CentersStudies in PolishStudies online
PodologistStudies in PolishStudies online
TrichologistStudies in PolishStudies online
DieteticsStudies in PolishStudies online
Childhood NutritionStudies in PolishStudies online
Clinical NutritionStudies in PolishStudies online
Personal Nutrition CoachingStudies in PolishStudies online
Psychodieteics with Elements of ObesitologyStudies in PolishStudies online
Sports Nutrition and WellnessStudies in PolishStudies online
PedagogyStudies in PolishStudies online
Elderly Person’s AssistantStudies in PolishStudies online
Manager of Social and Cultural ProjectsStudies in PolishStudies online
Pedagogy of Care and EducationStudies in PolishStudies online
PsychopedagogicsStudies in PolishStudies online
Rehabilitation in the Open EnvironmentStudies in PolishStudies online
Social EngineeringStudies in PolishStudies online

Short pg coursesmore »
Biology Studies in Polish
Career Counselling Studies in Polish
Childcare Pedagogy Studies in Polish
Civics Studies in Polish
Coaching Studies in Polish
Criminology Studies in Polish
Geography Studies in Polish
History Studies in Polish
Logopaedic Studies in Polish
Mathematics Studies in Polish
Occupational Safety and Health Studies in Polish
Physics Studies in Polish
Podiatry Studies in Polish
Security Education Studies in Polish
Analityk pracy Studies in Polish
Asystent Rodziny Studies in Polish
Bibliotekoznawstwo i nauka informacyjna Studies in Polish
Coaching dietetyczny Studies in Polish
Diagnoza, terapia pedagogiczna i rewalidacja indywidualna Studies in Polish
Dietetyka z elementami obesitologii Studies in Polish
Integracja sensoryczna Studies in Polish
Kosmetologia medyczna w praktyce Studies in Polish
Masaż medyczny Studies in Polish
Mediacje - uniwersalne narzędzie rozwiązywania konfliktów Studies in Polish
Menadżer Ośrodków Spa i Wellness Studies in Polish
Nauczanie chemii w szkole Studies in Polish
Nauczanie gimnastyki korekcyjno-kompensacyjnej Studies in Polish
Nauczanie informatyki w szkole Studies in Polish
Nauczanie muzyki w szkole Studies in Polish
Nauczanie plastyki w szkole Studies in Polish
Nauczanie przyrody w szkole Studies in Polish
Nauczanie techniki w szkole Studies in Polish
Nauczanie wychowania fizycznego z gimnastyką korekcyjną Studies in Polish
Oligofrenopedagogika - edukacja i rewalidacja osób z niepełnosprawnością intelektualną Studies in Polish
Opiekun w żłobku lub klubie dziecięcym Studies in Polish
Pedagogika lecznicza Studies in Polish
Pedagogika resocjalizacyjna z profilaktyką uzależnień Studies in Polish
Ponadto w ofercie Studies in Polish
Przygotowanie pedagogiczne Studies in Polish
Psychologia dzieci i młodzieży z elementami diagnozy neuropsychologicznej Studies in Polish
Psychologia sportu Studies in Polish
Psychologia sprzedaży i marketingu Studies in Polish
Psychologiczne wspomaganie rozwoju dzieci i młodzieży ze specjalnymi potrzebami edukacyjnymi Studies in Polish
Socjoterapia Studies in Polish
Surdopedagogika Studies in Polish
Trener umiejętności biznesowych Studies in Polish
Trychologia Studies in Polish
Tyflopedagogika Studies in Polish
Wczesne i całożyciowe wspomaganie rozwoju i edukacji uczniów z autyzmem lub/i zespołem aspergera Studies in Polish
Wczesne nauczanie języka angielskiego Studies in Polish
Wczesne wspomaganie rozwoju dziecka Studies in Polish
Wychowanie do życia w rodzinie Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie oświatą i dydaktyka przedsiębiorczości Studies in Polish

Other short coursesmore »
Coaching w pracy z pacjentem/klientem Studies in Polish
Diet coaching Studies in PolishStudies online
Kreowanie wizerunku w mediach społecznościowych Studies in Polish
Mikrobiologiczne zagrożenia związane ze spożyciem surowego mleka Studies in Polish
Praca w gabinecie dietetyka - szkolenie Studies in Polish
Strategie żywieniowe w kontekście jelita drażliwego Studies in Polish
Strategie żywieniowe w zespole policystycznych jajników oraz endometriozie Studies in Polish
Szkolenie LYCON: stylizacja brwi Studies in Polish
Szkolenie ze stylizacji i przedłużania rzęs metodą 1:1 Studies in Polish
Szkolenie: laminacja brwi z farbką i regulacja łuku brwiowego Studies in Polish
Szkolenie: lifting rzęs, farbowanie i laminacja Studies in Polish
Układanie diet klinicznych. Strategie żywieniowe w kontekście jelita drażliwego Studies in Polish
Zastosowanie hipoterapii w terapii traumy Studies in Polish

Other educational centers
Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu w Łodzi - Filia w RybnikuRybnik

The Academy of Business Administration and Health Sciences, called ’’ Medyk” by the students, was founded as a result of the decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from 21st September 2006.

We are the first non-public school of higher education with a medical profile in Lodz.  The interest among students proves that in spite of the short period of time we have been able to create a school, which in the wink of an eye, has become one of the most important and recognised centres of medical education in Poland. We cooperate with the best academic staff of the Medical University in Lodz and the best specialists – practitioners in the field of medical sciences working in health centres, clinics and hospitals of Lodz province. We have built a school where more people want to study than can be enroled. Such a good reception of ’’Medyk” on the market is not only thanks to the outstanding lecturers but the syllabuses prepared by them as well. In 100 % they meet the requirements of the State Accreditation Committee at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, but first of all they are created in such a way that apart from the essential theoretical and encyclopedic knowledge, students are prepared for the future job career paying special attention to the practical skills. Consequently, in the syllabus of cosmetology practical classes cover more than one third of all the classes, especially lectures typical of academic teaching. Those of you who are not familiar with the secrets of academic teaching should know that this is an exception in the whole country.

’’Medyk” has also modern didactic premises, its main educational complex is situated in an XIX century postindustrial newly adapted building. There are three modern fully equipped laboratories for beauty therapists, two brand new labs for physiotherapy and biological regeneration and one advanced chemical lab. The comfortable interiors of the buildings give the feelings of enthusiasm and  are encouraging to learn. Among our educational partners there are well-known and recognized companies in the field of medicine, cosmetology and health. Among our lecturers one can find a lot of experts and practitioners who are regarded as authorities in their fields.

We currently offer studies on the faculties of cosmetology, dietetics, pedagogy and administration. We are working on some other faculties. Our development is rapid which makes ourselves, our staff and students very proud.
Our graduates are fully prepared to continue education at public and non-public schools, at the second degree of studies (complementary MA studies) We focus on the quality of education, because our aim is to educate real experts with the best skills which will make them very attractive at the labour market. It is generally known in Poland that Medyk has the best graduates and this is why companies, cosmetics  saloons, spa and biological regeneration saloons have been competing with one another for our graduates.
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